What is the Reason Behind Rosaiah’s Controversial Remarks On AP CM

What is the Reason Behind Rosaiah's Controversial Remarks On AP CM

Previous Andhra Pradesh CM and Governor of Tamil Nadu K Rosaiah isn’t aware of making astringent remarks against somebody . Rosaiah is known for his well friendship towards all. In any case, his ongoing remarks on Jagan are very unique in relation to his ordinary manner. Talking during a book discharge work, he said Jagan’s ways are mysterious and said that he has a long way to go about government . 

He likewise criticized Jagan not keeping up heartfelt relations with the Center. Those aware of everything state that Rosaiah’s remarks have their underlying foundations in the Jagan-Rosaiah relations during the 2009-14 time frame. Contrasts sprung up between Jagan, who needed to move toward becoming CM of joined AP and Rosaiah, who was Congress central leadership’s chosen one. 

It was then supposed that Jagan’s conduct had made gigantic harmed Rosaiah back then. In this way, Rosaiah planned his remarks to hurt Jagan most. Jagan’s disparities with the Center are chiefly because of the last’s reluctance to ensure the interests of AP. On the off chance that Jagan turns a Nelson’s eye to these, his relations with the Center will improve. 

Is Rosaiah recommending that Jagan should give up AP’s interests to ensure himself? In any case, Rosaiah’s recommendation that monetary order was significant for AP at this point ought to be paid attention to. Whatever, Rosaiah picked a dubious minute to vent his wrath on Jagan.