YSRCP Government Made Many Restrictions on “Amma Vodi” Scheme

YSRCP Government Made Many Restrictions on "Amma Vodi" Scheme

AP Govt is forcing numerous terms and conditions on the welfare conspires that it declared during the race crusade. First it was the benefits. Jagan has guaranteed to expand the benefits from Rs 2000 to Rs 3000. However, in the wake of making vow as CM from the very setting, Jagan reported that he would build Rs 250 every year and for the present year, the YSRCP government is paying Rs 2250 as benefits. 

Presently it’s the turn of ‘Amma Vodi’ which prevalently was the key factor for getting ladies cast a ballot. During the YSRCP’s whole gathering couple of years back, Jagan said that moms who will send their children to schools, his legislature would pay certain sum. From first standard to fifth, his administration guaranteed to pay Rs 500 for each child and in the event that there are two children, at that point moms would get Rs 1000. 

From 6th standard to tenth, Jagan declared Rs 750 for each child and for middle of the road understudies, it is Rs 1000. All things considered, each mother who sends her children to schools and universities would get Rs 12,000, Rs 18,000 and Rs 24,000 for the previously mentioned three classes. While settling the decision proclamation, this plan is name as ‘Amma Vodi’ and rather than the three classifications, they summed every one of the three into one and guaranteed to pay Rs 15,000 for every mother. In any case, the declaration needed lucidity about the second tyke standard. 

In the as of late reported spending Rs 6455.80 crore were apportioned to ‘Amma Vodi’ plot however the principle curve came here. The YSRCP government explained that this plan is material to moms just with WHITE RATION CARD. There are around 80 lakh understudies and according to the authorities estimation 43 lakh understudies are qualified for ‘Amma Vodi’ plot. Likewise one more standard came in like a stun and the legislature said it would credit the sum in a mother’s ‘account’ regardless of the tally of children.