YSRCP’s New Political Campaign Against Chandrababu’s False Promises

YSRCP's New Political Campaign Against Chandrababu's False Promises
YSRCP's New Political Campaign Against Chandrababu's False Promises

Andhra Pradesh Main Opposition party propelled one more battle against the Ruling Telugu Desam Party . Focus of ‘Ninnu Nammam Babu’ (We Don’t Trust Babu) is to uncover the supposed bogus guarantees of Chandrababu Naidu. Disappointment of TDP in satisfying the survey guarantees will be featured in all the 175 Assembly Constituencies of Andhra Pradesh.

Public Meetings will be directed in 1,700 town over the state to learn that Andhrites will have a hard time believing the guarantees of TDP any longer. Facilitators of Assembly Constituencies lead the crusade to be effectively taken part by Mandal-level Leaders and corner level In-charges.

Motivation is to make mindfulness among individuals about the disappointments of the TDP Government. This is a development wanted to inspire open in front of the General Elections . YS Jaganmohan Reddy would finish up Praja Sankalpa Yatra in Ichchapuram on January ninth.

Individuals continued discussing the long distance race padayatra since the previous 14 months. From now, They would talk about the new crusade which helps them about the disappointments to remember current rulers.