Bathukamma celebrations is missing the spark ‘Kalvakuntla Kavitha’

Bathukamma celebrations is missing the spark 'Kalvakuntla Kavitha'
Bathukamma celebrations is missing the spark 'Kalvakuntla Kavitha'

Bathukamma has always been a part of Telangana but Kalvakuntla Kavitha is the one who brought the spark to the festival. She made it bigger festival than it is. The reason Kavitha became the brand ambassador of Bathukamma, festival is celebrated on a big scale. In Telangana movement, bathukamma festival sure did play a major role in upbringing the women involved in the Telangana movement. But Kavitha played a major role in making the bathukamma world wide famous.

As soon as the bathukamma festive was to happen there used to be only one name which could be heard was Kavitha. At one point some felt as that bathukamma meant Kavitha and Kavitha meant bathukamma. But recently she was nowhere to be seen or heard while bathukamma festival is being celebrated. Recently Minister KTR made video about Kavitha showing her struggles for making bathukamma an international event. But it is shocking that she did not attend any of the events regarding bathukamma festival.

KTR expected her presence after release of the video but to everyone’s surprise she did not show up even after the efforts. For now, bathukamma festival celebrations are being conducted under Telangana Jagruthi. Kavitha used to take part in such celebrations and used to be the centre of attraction and used to get all the media attention. But after facing the defeat in Nizamabad elections. She is staying away from all such celebrations and she is not participating in any events. Even though she is active in social media and posted a picture on Twitter, three women celebrating bathukamma in front of her house, “First day Bathukamma at my home !! #MyBathukammaMyPride #Bathukamma” she tweeted. Her presence is missed in bathukamma celebrations.