Don’t Make Politics on People Life’s : Botsa Fires On TDP

Don't Make Politics on People Life's : Botsa Fires On TDP
Don't Make Politics on People Life's : Botsa Fires On TDP

YCP Senior leader and ruling party Minister Botsa Satyanarayana stated that the harm brought about by floods was checked and limited through brief activity by authorities. He praised the state government authorities who found a way to restrain harm from floods. Minister included that the state government would evaluate the harm brought about by floods and choose the degree of remuneration.

Botsa hit out at the yellow media for putting out contorted news and pointing fingers at the YSRCP government’s brief advances which limited harm to property and lives from floods. Botsa brought up that Andhra Pradesh chief Minister, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy always enquired about the flood circumstance in the state from the US and gave important bearings.

Censuring the TDP’s horrendous promulgation saying that the state government had not been fruitful in flood-aid projects, the pastor said that this negative attention was an aftereffect of unadulterated jealousy in light of the fact that the TDP had just plundered the state treasury in such occasions. He reviewed that Srisailam venture got submerged under Chandrababu’s standard and it was ludicrous thusly, that he and his party men ought to discuss flood-the board now.

Presently, after he realizes that his leased house on the banks of waterway Krishna in the capital won’t get submerged, the TDP boss is authorizing a dramatization of visiting flood-influenced zones, Botsa commented. Automaton legislative issues isn’t a piece of YSRCP culture, he stated, including it is average of Chandrababu Naidu and TDP. YSRCP,unlike the TDP puts stock in remaining by individuals in the midst of debacles and troublesome occasions.

Chandrababu once said that such circumstances present chances. The TDP plundered the state treasury in the midst of catastrophic events. It ought to acknowledge what great is accomplished for the individuals in the midst of difficulty, or keep mum, Botsa said. For what reason did the TDP boss flee to Hyderabad when rising waters went into his home on the banks of the stream, the minister stated . Chandrababu is a routine searcher of attention.

The YSRCP, then again, is increasingly worried about salvage and alleviation activities, he called attention to. It is hence that individuals rested their trust in YS Jagan’s initiative, the minister included. Botsa said that in the following couple of months and years, speculations would stream into the state. YS Jagan, on his visit to the US, guaranteed financial specialists of all assistance for the benefit of the state government and the outcomes would be seen, Botsa anticipated.