Judicial Preview System launched in Andhra Pradesh by Jagan’s government

Judicial Preview System launched in Andhra Pradesh by Jagan's government
Judicial Preview System launched in Andhra Pradesh by Jagan's government

For the first time in the history of the country, Jagan’s government launched the judicial preview system. High court Justice B Shivashankar Rao has been appointed to process the judicial preview. The government is inviting tenders for 108 and 104 medical services in the state. Government’s Judicial Preview System is all set to review the first tender after the Committee came into existence.

On October 7, YSRCP launched the Judicial Preview System to approve the tenders in Andhra Pradesh in a fair and transparent manner. The website judicialpreview.ap.gov.in was launched under the recently passed State Infrastructure (Transparency Through Judicial Preview) Act, 2019. The state government has allocated Rs 1.35 lakhs per month for 108 and 104 ambulances. There are currently more than 600 ambulances available. The operating cost of the ambulances is Rs.100 crores sent to judicial preview. The Judicial Preview asked the Medical Health Department to provide details to this extent.

The judicial committee will review all the documents related to any infrastructure project worth Rs. 100 crores or more, before approval from the YSRCP Government. After the review of the judicial committee, the YSRCP Government will upload all the tenders received, on the website for the suggestions of the citizens of Andhra Pradesh, if any tender exceeds Rs.100 crore. The selection of tenders and contractors for State infrastructure projects will be done based on the public’s opinion. Finally, after the Committee’s review and the public’s opinion, the State Government will approve any tender. The relevant department shall strictly follow the recommendations of the Judge in respect of tenders.