MEIL Proved its superiority in Hydrocarbons sector too

MEIL Proved its superiority in Hydrocarbons sector too
MEIL Proved its superiority in Hydrocarbons sector too

Execution in record time, quality, safety is the key to success
HYDERABAD: MAY 18: Hyderabad based MEIL’s Hydrocarbon division made an
extraordinary beginning in the field. It has completed and commissioned many
projects in the last financial year. Oil storage tanks, Gas based power generation
units, Gas processing units, Pipeline projects and city gas distribution projects
were taken up and completed most of them. MEIL’s Hydrocarbon division also has
had a presence in the global market by execution projects in Kuwait and Jordan. It
also expands to Singapore, Bangladesh.
Global footprints
It has commissioned Gas Turbine in Power generation and energy solutions at
Arab Potash Company (APC), Jordan. This 54-megawatt gas-based power plant
commissioned in the month of October 2018 and running successfully. This
project includes Engineering, supply, erection and commissioning of the Gas
turbine of 54 MW capacity, Heat recovery steam generator, step-up transformer
of 80 MVA. Another global project by MEIL’s Hydrocarbons division is at Al-Zour
project for KIPIC, Kuwait. This order is aimed at the construction of 66 storage
tanks of capacity ranging from 60M dia to 78M dia which involves the structural
quantity of 70,000 MT. “MEIL mobilised 3000 manpower to Kuwait for this
project. Most of the construction of the tank completed and Hydro test is in
process. The project expected to be completed by December 2019. MEIL received
Appreciation Certificate from KIPIC for achieving 10 Million safe man-hours
work.” Said P.Rajesh Reddy, Vice-President, Hydrocarbons division of MEIL

RGT in record time
Gas processing plant with 90 MMSCMD capacity at Rageswari, Rajasthan
constructed and commissioned within a span of just 7 months. This project is
awarded by Cairn in the month of August 2018. MEIL mobilized its resources in
the same month and started execution works immediately because of the fast-
track nature of the project. The team took up the challenge on war-footing and
began working 24 hours a day on the civil, mechanical, electrical, and
instrumentation aspects of the project. The project commissioning works started
in March 2019. Explaining reasons to this achievement Mr P.Rajesh Reddy, Vice-
President said that “After deploying close to one a half lakh man days, MEIL
successfully completed the project with world-class quality standards and zero
incidents. The project is the first of its kind to be built in a record period of six
months. Due to this unparalleled achievement, MEIL proved its mettle once
again and has risen to the position of a leading player in the international
hydrocarbons industry.”
Pipeline replacement projects
ONGC awarded pipeline replacement project to MEIL. Six pipeline replacements
Geleki, Assam and five pipeline replacement project in South Santal to Becharji.
The first project involves 5 oil segments about 128.3 km and One Gas pipeline of
16.5km. These pipeline replacements are aimed at increasing operational
efficiency of ONGC. MEIL laid 3 segments 48.3km of pipeline in 2017 and the
balance pipeline segments of 91.62km in 2018 which are in use by ONGC.
Assam Renewal Project
ONGC awarded the Assam renewal project involves revamping and optimizing 21
existing ageing infrastructure to 9 new integrated complex’s, to mitigate
maintenance, operational problems and environmentally friendly infrastructure
fully compliant to statutory requirements for the production of balance
recoverable reserve of Oil and Gas in North East region for at least next 25 years.
As a part revamping of Assam Lakhmani Field, MEIL commissioned Effluent

Treatment Plant (ETP), Water Injection Plant (WIP) and Group Gathering Station V
(GGS V) installed in 2018.
Upgradation of firefighting
ONGC’s Mehsana Asset’s four installations firefighting system up-gradation
project also bagged by MEIL. According to MB Lal committee recommendation, to
ensure an effective fire protection system at 4 installations in Mehasana, Gujarat.
Out of 4 installations, MEIL completed 2 installations and balance 2 installation is
in an advanced stage of commissioning and will complete by July 2019
City Gas Distribution (CGD)
MEIL visualized and has undertaken the project of natural gas supply for
Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and transport sector in South India. MEIL got
approval from Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) to distribute
natural gas in 16 districts – among them, 14 districts are in AP & Telangana, and 2
districts are in Karnataka.
Presently, MEIL has created a network for the distribution of natural gas to
consumers under the brand name ‘Megha Gas’ for domestic, commercial,
industrial, & automobile sectors in Krishna, Tumkur, Belgaum districts. Soon,
MEIL is creating a network in 13 Telangana districts.
Until now, MEIL has laid a pipeline of length 360 km. In the future, MEIL is
planning to lay pipelines of about 900 Km in AP, Telangana, & Karnataka. The
nature of business is mainly divided into Piped Natural Gas (PNG) and
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). PNG, the gas which is directly supplied to
domestic, commercial and industrial consumers through the pipeline. CNG is
used by the transportation sector.
On shore Gas Fields
With a view to developing Gas Grid Networks in AP & Telangana, MEIL has
strategically secured Onshore Gas fields from ONGC in the regions of Nagayalanka
and West Penugonda. Gas evacuation from these fields will account to around

130000 SCM per day. For this purpose, MEIL had installed mechanical
refrigeration units procured from the USA, compressors, & other mechanical
packages. MEIL has already commissioned the Nagayalanka Field and currently
supplying Natural Gas to PNG customers in and around Krishna District. MEIL also
intend to supply the natural gas through cascades to industrial establishments in
Telangana as well. MEIL is geared to start operations in other regions once
approvals received from ONGC for the West Penugonda field.