TDP Waiting for Jr NTR’s political Entry : Nara Lokesh

TDP Waiting for Jr NTR's political Entry : Nara Lokesh
TDP Waiting for Jr NTR's political Entry : Nara Lokesh

As far back as TDP’s annihilation in the ongoing races, an area of pioneers are requesting the arrival of Young Tiger Jr NTR. This interest is gradually developing too as the party is confronting emergency kind of circumstance. Be that as it may, till date no enormous pioneer remarked on it freely and just because it is none other than Nara Lokesh opened about it.Speaking to the media in Vizag Lokesh stated, ‘Anybody can come into the party .

Telugu Desam doesn’t have a place with people and it is everyone’s. Individuals who like TDP’s belief systems can approach and work effectively reinforcing the party.

Indeed, even I’m working like a fighter for my gathering president.’ When inquired as to why Tarak is avoiding TDP, Lokesh answered that is his individual choice and it ought to be regarded and included that TDP never said ‘NO’ to specific individuals and anybody can stroll into the gathering and do their bit.

We additionally heard that TDP boss Chandrababu is likewise doing his bit to get Jr NTR into the party . A week ago Naidu met Tarak on the main demise commemoration of Nandamuri Harikrishna however it didn’t have any political importance.