All Invited for Kaleshwaram Project…..But a Key Person Had Missed this

All Invited for Kaleshwaram Project.....But a Key Person Had Missed this

Entire of Telangana people are much awaiting to see the initiation of Kaleshwaram Project. It is figured as CM KCR’s fantasy water system venture that can cook water to lakhs of sections of land for farming. Phenomenal courses of action are made for the initiation. Maharashtra CM and Governor, Telugu states Governor and Andhra Pradesh CM were welcomed as boss visitors. In any case, one individual is absent from this occasion and he is Siddipet MLA Harish Rao. 

In the last TRS term, Harish was the water system pastor and he was always observed at Kaleshwaram venture site and for each 15 days, he used to screen the works. As needs be he used to refresh KCR about it. More than KCR, it’s Harish who worked day and night for this task. Disappointingly, Harish is no place seen at the initiation yet where is he now and what is he doing . 

As June 21st likewise happens to be International Yoga Day, Harish partook in a Yoga session held in his supporters. The inquiry is, was Harish welcomed for Kaleshwaram Project dispatch or not? TRS party pioneers are not opening up in regards to this but rather are praising the initiation. 

The previous evening around Harish Rao took to his Twitter handle and credited CM KCR for executing the venture and got enthusiastic that this task will profit the ranchers on a long run. Simply keeping to this, Harish did not articulate any word. In spite of the fact that many are asking him, Harish kept himself to be tranquil.