BJP President’s Assembly Election Campaign in Telangana

BJP President's Assembly Election Campaign in Telangana
BJP President's Assembly Election Campaign in Telangana

One of the National Party president Amit Shah would partake in the party’s effort for December seven Assembly races in Telangana Sunday. BJP president Amit Shah will address arouses at Parkal, Nirmal, Narayankhed and Dubbak, BJP sources said.

BJP president Amit Shah hosted commenced the Assembly election battle with an open gathering at Mahabubnagar in September and hence tended to two more revives in the state.

BJP general secretary P Muralidhar Rao had said on Friday that for the BJP, the Assembly races in Telangana were critical with regards to the south. He had blamed the Telangana Rashtra Samithi for neglecting to satisfy its guarantees and said against TRS crusades would be taken up broadly by the gathering’s national pioneers including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Shah.

BJP is going only it in the Assembly surveys. The party had five MLAs in the state assembly broke up on September six and it plans to considerably build its quality in the coming General Assembly Elections