Hyderabad People great Escape From Metro Train Accident

Hyderabad People great Escape From Metro Train Accident

On Saturday Evening Hyderabad people slightly escaped from the major accident from the Hyderabad Metro Rail , when the metro train running among Miyapur and L.B. Nagar had wandered off-track to be on an alternate track. Had any train come the other way, the lives of 400 travelers would have been danger. 

All Metro services stopped for 30 minutes. Experts who rushed to understand this ceased all administrations running on that specific line and let the train reach Lakdikapool Metro Station and landed all travelers before getting correcting the issue and continuing the services. 

Ignorant of what was occurring travelers were terrified and restless as they got down in Lakdikapool. The explanation behind the gross mistake is yet to be followed. Hyderabad Metro is significantly computerized with a couple of loco pilots going in the train. 

This isn’t the first occasion when that Hyderabad Metro is in the news for the off-base reasons. Just a week ago, a train stopped abruptly at Irrum Mazil station as of late leaving travelers irritated and the reason was not uncovered either .