I am Belong to Telangana …Not Any National Party Person : TRS Chief

I am Belong to Telangana ...Not Any National Party Person : TRS Chief
I am Belong to Telangana ...Not Any National Party Person : TRS Chief

On Monday Telangana CM state that he was just a agent of the Telangana people and not anybody else’s, in the midst of allegations that he was the BJP’s B-group and furthermore the Congress operator . PM Modi says KCR is Sonia Gandhi’s operator. Rahul Gandhi comes and says KCR is the ‘B’ group of Narendra Modi. At that point, whose agent am I , What is this account of operators….. KCR stated.

I submit just a single thing… KCR is Telangana individuals’ agent and not (an) operator of anybody…, the TRS chief stated, while tending to a rally at Kodad town in Suryapet area. Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday claimed that Modi, Rao and AIMIM pioneer Asaduddin Owaisi were “one” and asked the general population of Telangana to not be tricked by them.

He likewise guaranteed that the Telangana Rashtra Samithi was the BJP’s B-group and Rao works as Modi’s Telangana Rubber Stamp . Owaisi’s, AIMIM is the BJP’s ‘C’ group, whose job is to part the counter BJP/KCR vote, the Congress boss tweeted. Modi had last Tuesday called the Congress and the TRS opposite sides of a similar coin.

Tending to a rally in Telangana, he reviewed Rao’s “apprenticeship” with the Congress and asserted they were playing a “benevolent match” in the Assembly surveys. At the Kodad rally, KCR additionally scrutinized Modi’s supposed remarks that there is a power deficiency in Telangana.

The overseer boss priest guaranteed that the nation had possessed the capacity to utilize just 30,000 thousand million cubic feet (tmc) of water however 70,000 tmc of water is accessible. 40,000 TMC water is converging with the ocean. He guaranteed that Telangana is the main state in the nation which gives 24-hour free capacity to agriculturists.

Narendra Modiji, your administration is there in 19 states. Are you giving 24 hours free capacity to agriculturists in any of the states… Rao asked . Telangana goes to surveys on Friday (Dec-7).