Is Federal Front Tours Turning as Temple tours for KCR

Is Federal Front Tours Turning as Temple tours for KCR

Telangana Chief Minister is Different from any other chief ministers in our country . His methodology or techniques won’t just be extraordinary yet in addition for the most part fruitful. He, be that as it may, can’t win the certainty of provincial gatherings in the nation to satisfy his fantasy of Federal Front framing the administration at the national dimension.

The visits implied for reinforcing Federal Fronts have been winding up into Temple Trips. There was so much buzz in regards to the Telangana CM’s visit to Kerala for holding chats with the Comrades. KCR met Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan to offer him to persuade the Comrades to join Federal Front.

He even addressed Karnataka CM Kumaraswamy over telephone and met DMK Chief MK Stalin too. Individuals expected Federal Front is taking care of business well at one point yet the general picture gives off an impression of being extraordinary. Neither Regional Parties nor Left Parties offered any solid confirmation to the Telangana CM on joining Federal Front.

This could be the motivation behind why KCR sent back the TRS Leaders who went with him to Kerala in brief time. From that point, He continued visiting celebrated temples alongside family to offer prayers . Better if KCR holds up until the checking day and plan as per the outcomes.