Police Found Dead body of Intermediate Student in Hyderabad

Police Found Dead body of Intermediate Student in Hyderabad
Police Found Dead body of Intermediate Student in Hyderabad

A young woman Chandni Jain was found murdered at an isolated place near Ameenpur range, who disappeared on Saturday, was found in the hills situated in Ameenpur range on Tuesday morning. The Intermediate Second Year Student educated Family Members that she is going to meet Friends while leaving home in Madinaguda on September ninth.

She, be that as it may, didn’t return even by 8.30 pm and her cell phone was turned off. Chandni Jain parents became suspicious and held up a police complaint. Today morning, Construction Workers found the body of the young lady in Ameenpur.

No outer wounds have been found on Chandni Jain’s body. As the place is a separated range, Police were almost certain that she mayn’t have gone there without anyone else. Police obtained CCTV footage from nearby establishments and noticed an unidentified man and Chandini going in an Auto Rickshaw.

Ameenpur Inspector says, ‘It’s not a Blue Whale Challenge related death. It could be a murder’. Examination is being done in light of the contacts in Chandni’s cell phone which was seized at the crime spot. Two out of four suspects have been as of now arrested.

Chandini used to talk often with the individual number’s identity’s spared as ‘My Hot Phone Number’. Cops were exploring if there is an love point behind the chandni’s death.

Chandini’s Sister Nivedita asserts it’s a pre-planned murder and requests stringent punishment for the accused. Police registered a case under section 302 (murder) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and launched a manhunt to nab the offender.