Telangana TRS Victory Celebrating KCR’s Andhra Pradesh Fans

Telangana TRS Victory Celebrating KCR's Andhra Pradesh Fans
Telangana TRS Victory Celebrating KCR's Andhra Pradesh Fans

TRS party , who has won the biggest victory with a huge majority of votes in Telangana appears to have fans among its agreeable party’s in the neighboring province of Andhra Pradesh. YSR Congress supporters and KCR fans including a few netizens are seen observing TRS’ winning in Andhra in different recordings that are circulating around the web via web-based networking media. A great deal of help and tweets have been pouring in help of Telangana from Andhra.

Particularly, numerous YSRCP and Jana Sena supporters host been praising TRS gathering for its triumph and taunting Telugu Desam Party (TDP) about political retirement soon. They have, truth be told, gone to the degree of asking for TRS to challenge in Andhra Pradesh and shape an government there, alongside the presentation of all the welfare plans of Telangana in AP.

In the interim, some of them are asking for KTR on Twitter to extend TRS party to Telangana. Some have said that TRS’ triumph this could be a notice sign for TDP in the up and coming races in 2019 and they communicated certainty that TRS will help different partners in AP trounce TDP. Netizens additionally snidely expressed gratitude toward TDP Chief for aiding TRS win the race with his battling in Telangana.

Amid a question and answer session today after their triumph, TRS Chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao referenced about giving an “return gift” to TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu through crusading in Andhra Pradesh races.

He has come here and battled. Shouldn’t we give him an arrival blessing and do likewise….. he said. All things considered, if his words are to pass by, will TRS interfere in AP political issues with such a significant number of supporters competing for its entrance….. The truth will surface eventually ……