Will Pawan Starts His Farmers Campaign On AP Capital Soon

Will Pawan Starts His Farmers Campaign On AP Capital Soon
Will Pawan Starts His Farmers Campaign On AP Capital Soon

From couple of days ago , The huge discussion on moving of AP capital from Amaravati had activated theories . It was after Botsa’s remarks of the capital being perilous and he refering to Sivaramakrishnan report. Aside from farmers from capital district, Opposition parties TDP and BJP have pummeled the decision YCP for making unsettling influence among open and perplexity among financial specialists.

With tension building, Political leaders like Kodali Nani have explained that there is no way of changing the capital. What’s more, Botsa too prepared for a U-turn on his remarks on the capital move. In this background, at long last, Janasena boss Pawan Kalyan has reacted on the issue.

Pawan reported his help to the farmers in capital area after a gathering of farmers have met Pawan at Janasena office in Hyderabad on Saturday. Expressing that he comprehended the predicament of the farmers, Pawan swore his help to them. He said he would visit the capital district on 30th and 31st. Pawan said he would visit the spots where the tasks were slowed down.

In the mean time, it tends to be noticed that ex CM Chandrababu Naidu had just visited the capital district when floods immersed the area. What’s more, CM Jagan is coming back to the state after effectively finishing his US trip.

What’s more, Jagan is additionally liable to visit the flood-hit zones and liable to own some essential expressions over flood-inclined areas and furthermore on Amaravati capital. Pawan’s announcement and his visit calendar is by all accounts a late choice, as usual.