YCP Will Never Thought On Changing The AP Capital : MLA Nani

YCP Will Never Thought On Changing The AP Capital : MLA Nani
YCP Will Never Thought On Changing The AP Capital : MLA Nani

Indeed, even as the farmers, real estate agents , bussiness persons and ordinary citizens are yet to turn out from Botsa’s exciting remarks that Amaravati is hazardous as capital and refered to Sivaramakrishnan Committee report and further said that the state bureau would before long talk about the issue, here comes one more stunner.

One more minister has supported the Botsa’s remarks , Kodali Nani who hails from Krishna area and won multiple times consecutive as MLA from Gudivada get together electorate, said there is nothing incorrectly in Botsa’s remarks. Nani said that Botsa has just communicated the dialog that is going on inside YCP.

He said that YCP has never expressed that the capital would be moved. Nani said YCP is just featuring the wrongdoings and debasement that occurred in past government. He said TDP pioneers are worried about the possibility that that their offenses would come into light and henceforth making frenzy.

Nani clarified that the AP state government doesn’t have any expectation to change the capital city. He said a bureau sub-advisory group has been comprised against the degenerate practices completed in the past governmennt and the council is as of now surveying the choices and demonstrations of the past government. Nani said that once the report turns out, he said the administration would make a move against the individuals who found blameworthy. Reacting to the High Court’s stay over the invert offering on Polavaram, Nani said the stay is impermanent.

He said the administration would manage it legitimately. Safeguarding CM YS Jagan’s choice to start turn around offering on Polavaram, Nani said the sole aim of the choice is to avoid debasement and spare open exchequer. He said High Court hadn’t criticized the Reverse Tendering. Nani said AP state government wouldn’t make a solitary stride back on the issue. We won’t move a stage back regardless of the chances, said Kodali Nani.

He included that Jagan will just step forward in the issue. It would appear that, Kodali Nani has made more perplexity on AP capital by supporting Botsa’s remarks on one side and denying that the state government hasn’t reported about the move of AP capital. Just CM Jagan can answer these and put a conclusion to the issue.