Hyderabad : Father Kills His Own Children When Wife Left Him

Hyderabad : Father Kills His Own Children When Wife Left Him
Hyderabad : Father Kills His Own Children When Wife Left Him

Hyderabad Father has hanged his two children and afterward cut their throats after his wife left him. The awful occurrence occurred in the early long periods of Wednesday at Bombay Colony close RC Puram. As per the sources, the man speculated that his significant other was associated with an additional conjugal undertaking and that the youngsters were not his children.

The police educated that the blamed, Devaraya Kumar on Tuesday met his better half D Sirisha who had been remaining at her parent’s living arrangement at Chinna Kanjarla of Patancheru. Unfit to manage her better half’s provocation, Sirisha left home a month prior and in spite of a few solicitations from him, she denied to return home.

The three youngsters – Sharanya (4), Akhil (6) and Malleshwari (10) were sleeping on Wednesday around 1 am the point at which an alcoholic Devaraya hanged Akhil from the roof and afterward cut his throat. He at that point continued to do likewise with his most youthful girl, Sharanya. Be that as it may, as both the children were choked, Malleshwari was unconscious of what was going on in the house.

In the wake of slaughtering two of his children, Devaraya then went out for a smoke and came back to execute his oldest little girl. While he endeavored to cut her throat, Malleshwari figured out how to escape him with damage on her neck. She came up short on their home and alarmed the neighbors right away. The police, who were educated and Devaraya was captured on Wednesday.

He was remanded to legal care subsequent to being charged under Section 302 (murder) and 307 (endeavor to kill) of the IPC. Upon examination, the police discovered that Devaraya used to speculate his better half’s constancy and bugged her in such manner. He used to get inebriated and physically attack his children and spouse, which drove her out. While Sirisha took the children to her parent’s home also, Devaraya coercively took the youngsters back and kept them in his care .