About US

What Is Adya News?

Adya News is a conglomerate of conventional as well as New Media initiatives especially aimed at publishing and broadcasting impactful content online and offline.

With the corporate media houses increasingly developing vested interests in the establishment, the real power of media as Fourth Estate in a democratic system is fast eroding.

Given the kind of in-built vulnerabilities of our society, the nation needs a powerful watchdog and only a collective voice of the citizenry can form into such force.

Here comes AdyaNews (www.adya.news) providing an equitable plaform for all the citizens of the country, the 130 crore stakeholders of world’s largest democracy, to raise their voice in order to bring about the change they want and need.

Though the government mechanism is inevitable for executing all public programs – from construction of roads, irrigation projects, transport and all and sundry civic amenities to regulating the social order, it is people who build such mechanism and not the governments themselves.

Constant evolution and refinement of all the three other pillars of democracy can take place only through a public monitoring system.

That’s what is the vision and mission of Adya News – brings to the fore so far unheard stories in each and every wals of life – from politics, government, corporate, academics, sports, arts and anything we are all socially connected.

How Different Is Adya News From Social Media?

Social Media has revolutionized the responsiveness of the conventional media and its impact on the system as a whole is undeniable. Adya News is not very different from any social media portal except for its systematic editorial value addition to the content posted by citizens.

Adya Media is a conventional media portal only in its editorial intervention and structured organization of content which includes news, articles, opinions, pictures, videos and other forms of multi-media content.

The editorial teams at Adya News intervene only to improve your contributions in the form of text, pictures, videos and graphics.

What Can Be Posted On Adya News?

Post your story. Your own personal feelings and opinions, facts as you see and experiences you go through and situations you confront in day-to-day life, whatever you think matters to the society, or at least a group of people or even an invidual or yourself or your family can be published on Adya News.

We do not have strict approval rules or procedures – all we check for is if it is causing any harm to any single individual

whether in politics, government, corporate or any other field. The whole purpose of the initiative is to providing an equitable and citizen-driven online platform to positively impact the system as a whole.

Adya News (www.adya.news) comes from Adya Media.