An whoopping Budget For Rana’s Hiranyakshyapa Movie

An whoopping Budget For Rana's Hiranyakshyapa Movie

A Part of making the historical fim Rudhramadevi , Director Gunasekhar has been broadly taking a shot at a mythological film ‘Hiranyakashyapa’. Bhahubali fame Rana Daggubati, who had played Bhallaladeva in Baahubali and Chalukya Veerabhadra in Rudhramadevi, is good to go to assume the lead character Hiranyakashyapa . 

It is found out that Gunasekhar has labored for three-long a very long time on the pre-generation of the film. It is hummed that the film will be the costliest film in Gunasekhar’s profession. We discovered that Gunasekhar would spend an astounding Rs 150 Crore for Hiranyakashyapa. 

Filmmaker Gunasekhar isn’t new to sumptuous, high-budegt films, huge sets. He is probably going to pursue his comparable style for Hiranyakashyapa too. Buzz is the film will likewise have broad Computer Graphics and top of the line VFX. Touted to be legendary story of Lord Vishnu’s enthusiast Prahaladha, Rana will play Hiranyakashyapa Character . 

Be that as it may, Gunasekhar is going to concentrate more on Hiranyakashyapa and his raise, his down fall with Lord Vishnu, his contempt on Vishnu lastly, his downfall .