In Talks…..Mega Family Political Campaign For Janasena Party

In Talks.....Mega Family Political Campaign For Janasena Party
In Talks.....Mega Family Political Campaign For Janasena Party

Actor turned politician Pavan kalyan started Jana Sena Party without the help of any of his family members . In spite of the fact that he never looked for any assistance from the family, PK’s Mother Anjana Devi, Nagababu and Varun Tej gave strong add up to the gathering as of now. They will do considerably more in future .

Remarks made by a Self-Proclaimed Jana Sena Leader in an ongoing meeting prompted a discussion. It’s been passed on that both Ram Charan and Allu Arjun would battle for Jana Sena for the following races . All things considered, Pawan Kalyan wouldn’t like to include anybody from his Family in the political issues.

Plausibility of welcoming any Actor in the Mega Family to battle looks exceptionally improbable starting at now . A source near the Mega Family says, Mega Family is constantly prepared to help any mission taken up by Pawan Kalyan.

All things considered, Jana Sena Chief mayn’t solicit any from them to battle . At the point when tested about the likelihood of survey battling, Varun Tej offered an epic answer: We are constantly prepared for it, however I don’t think Babai needs anyone’s assistance. He is a lot greater than us all assembled .