Mega Family Uses Their Voting…..While Charan Skips It

Mega Family Uses Their Voting.....While Charan Skips It

Mega Power Star is by all accounts maintaining a strategic distance from his vote this time around. Charan, who is out of the nation, wouldn’t make his choice in the much anticipated Telangana general assembly elections . This is somewhat baffling given that the Election Commission has settled seventh December, 2018 as the surveying day in Telangana in much development.

While Upasana has been forcefully battling on the web to take an interest in casting a ballot, Charan skirting the vote comes as an amazement even to fans. In the interim, Rajamouli had finished the principal calendar of RRR and proclaimed that he will make his choice, many expected that Ram Charan too would make his choice.

Be that as it may, Chiranjeevi, Surekha Konidela, Sreeja from the Konidela family have remained in line and made their choice in Jubilee Hills.

Then again, Allu Arjun has likewise achieved his surveying corner promptly toward the beginning of the day and held up in line and make his choice.