Samantha-NagaChaitanya spoted in Pooja

Samantha-NagaChaitanya Pooja photos went on viral in social media


Tollywood love pair, Samantha and Nagachaitanya Akkineni is busy in pre-marital affairs. They are together participating in traditional occasions in their family. Last weekend Samantha and Chaitanya together participated in a Hindu traditional programme.

Reportedly, Akkineni family conducted a special pooja like ‘sarpa dosha nivarana’. Those photos went viral in the online. a few websites and social media groups  reported that Samantha is converting to Hinduism. The photos showing that they together participated in the occasion with happily sitting on the floor and performed a pooja. In another pic, she is spoted with tilakam on her forehead along with her father in law Nagarjuna. A couple of purohits are also seen in the background. Naga Chaitanya has already said that he would marry next year.

However, it’s believed that Samantha would get the marry in both the Christian and the Hindu tradition. Samantha’s family belongs to Christianity. So that she would planning to get marry Mr. Chai in both the traditions