Star Comedian Shocked With the YouTube Video of “No More Sunil”

Star Comedian Shocked With the YouTube Video of
Star Comedian Shocked With the YouTube Video of "No More Sunil"

A bit of Controversial news isn’t new and prior numerous film Personalities including any semblance of Amitabh Bachchan are messed with false news about death. In Telugu, we have such circumstance with entertainer Venu Madhav who has moved into the open to state that he is especially alive.

Most as of late a YouTube channel has concocted a video where they expressed that humorist Sunil is no more. As the on-screen character isn’t being found in movies and many imagined that it is without a doubt genuine. Maybe that is the reason that video timed very nearly a million views .

So what is Sunil’s interpretation of this . All things considered I’ve recorded a police objection on that channel. What’s more, that YouTube fellow has met me and said sorry. I felt that in the event that I sought after the case further, at that point that person’s profession will be done.

I’m a comedian who will make individuals grin, yet not shed tears” says Sunil, when tested about this. As of now making the most of his rebound to films as a comic as his Chitralahari got discharged a week ago, Sunil is anticipating join Allu Arjun and Trivikram very soon .