There are Many Comparisons On Ram Charan & NTR’S First Looks

There are Many Comparisons On Ram Charan & NTR'S First Looks
There are Many Comparisons On Ram Charan & NTR'S First Looks

Ram Charan’s most prestigious up coming Movie FirstLook has been Released and revealed the suspense on the movie title is… ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ has to be sure stunned numerous in industry including media people who were expecting a Panche Kattu-Charan or a cool, made and a family fellow Charan given its title.

Yet, Charan has dazed all by discharging a ultra mass look from the film on Diwali eve. In any case, film examiners say that Charan is essentially following Jr NTR who had set the point of reference with Aravinda Sametha.

It very well may be noticed that NTR had pursued a similar technique for Aravinda Sametha. In spite of the fact that the title had all the earmarks of being a class and delicate one, the main look of NTR exhibits his six-pack symbol parading his abs and looks very furious and employs a blade in his grasp and his pants are blood-stained.

Ram Charan has now run with a similar procedure for Vinaya Vidheya Rama where the principal look saw him conveying a weapon on his one hand and his other hand tosses an automatic weapon into the air. What’s more, Charan’s face, body has stains and scars.