Two Political Entertainers Has Rejected Telugu Bigg Boss Show

Two Political Entertainers Has Rejected Telugu Bigg Boss Show

Such a significant number of individuals see Telugu Biggest reality show ‘Big Boss’ as just a game, yet that is a rude awakening upon them, as they are set to make due with individuals of various mentalities and every one of them at a similar stage and stature. They give a similar nourishment, same assignments and work, and in the wake of making everybody equivalent, the candidates will be tried. 

For the up and coming Big Boss 3, we hear that numerous celebs are really saying no that the program is well on the way to uncover their inward (unique) nature. For instance, none of the film business related contenders of Big Boss 1 or 2 got a break after the program, and even the champs doesnt made anything of it. 

This is on the grounds that, when the genuine nature is uncovered, everybody will pass judgment on them effectively. Buzz has that KA Paul, who has prior communicated enthusiasm to join Big Boss 3, has now quit reacting to Star Maa’s calls. 

In the meantime, Big Boss group is likewise certain that they could bring maker Bandla Ganesh on board, and this sensational entertainer additionally rejected to join the house at long last, say sources. 

All things considered, in the wake of getting fiercely trolled by individuals for their ongoing political stretches, both KA Paul and Ganesh won’t almost certainly join Big Boss without a doubt, which is a kind of another rude awakening for them .