Vijay is the Only Actor To Do That…..No Star Actors Dared

Vijay is the Only Actor To Do That.....No Star Actors Dared

Recently released Vijay Deverakonda starrer Dear Comrade movie has started with mixed reactions ans had a decent end of the week in every single South language. However, the collections dropped all of abrupt on Monday, particularly in our Telugu states. The film attempted to contact one crore which demonstrates that the film is going to wrap up some place as an underneath normal or normal admission in the cinema world. 

While Vijay’s fans are somewhat baffled with the film’s outcome, his enemy of bunch are commending his mishap on social stages. In any case, the straight inquiry to every one of his haters is that Vijay Deverakonda, who has a 4-year old profession in movies had set out to discharge his film in every South language. 

However, what about our Superstars and Megastars, who are stuck in the safe place and are not by any means attempting to push their cutoff points. In contemporary saints, just Allu Arjun succeded to a degree to pick up fame in Malayalam by consistently naming his movies however never went for an appropriate synchronous discharge like Vijay Deverakonda. Coming to different stars like Mahesh Babu, NTR Junior, and Ram Charan, they never attempted to achieve a more extensive area of the spectators prior. 

Presently, with RRR (Thanks to Rajamouli’s across the country popularity) NTR and Ram Charan are leaving the shell to investigate other Indian markets. Be that as it may, Mahesh Babu attempted a bit by parallelly discharging his film, SPYder in Tamil. As the film bombarded in the cinematic world, Mahesh accepting the whole procedure as a cerebral pain and restricted himself to Telugu. 

Though Vijay Deverakonda, who confronted a humiliating fiasco with Telugu-Tamil bilingual NOTA has by and by attempted a similar accomplishment with Dear Comrade which discharged in each of the four South dialects. The film may get blended feelings for the group of spectators however Vijay Deverakonda is evident that he needs to extend his market everywhere throughout the South and even to Hindi which in reality helps for the extension of the Telugu showcase. 

After recurrent misfortunes, Vijay will doubtlessly not stop his extension but rather shouldn’t something be said about our other Telugu stars? Can any saint set out to do how Vijay Devarakonda did? It’s wake-up time for our alleged early show symbols and put genuine endeavors to re-imagine themselves in different indian languages .