What is the Reason behind the Cancel of Kalki Movie Promotions

What is the Reason behind the Cancel of Kalki Movie Promotions

For every film promotions are very important , but the Rajasekhar knows the significance of such limited time exercises yet tragically, his group needed to drop the occasions got ready for advancing his film, Kalki. After PSV Garudavega he needs Kalki to work with family and youthful crowds alike. 

With the goal that he can report his rebound immovably. In any case, the entertainer became sick on Monday and he has high fever, it appears. In the event that he could talk and walk, he would have not requested that the makers drop the occasions. As he needs bed rest to recoup and do post discharge advancements, which are profoundly critical, he chose to remain at home, it appears. 

On the off chance that he can talk before supper, he will go to the meetings and go to live projects to finish advancing. Else, he will just do post discharge and discharge day advancements, it appears. 

Wonder motion picture executive, Prasanth Varma coordinated the film and he is certain that the motion picture will be a major achievement. C.Kalyan and Jeevitha, alongside her little girls, Shivani and Shivatmika delivered the film. It is discharging on 28th June.