Telangana Governor to Load a Complaint Against Mahesh Babu

Telangana Governor to Load a Complaint Against Mahesh Babu
Telangana Governor to Load a Complaint Against Mahesh Babu

Active Telangana Governor connected with media to share his encounters while being in the managerial post for a record period. To the inquiry what was the hardest choice he had taken during the stage he filled in as Governor of the Telugu States, Narasimhan responded: I don’t think I had taken any intense choices.

Choices were taken by Government, not the Governor. Things being what they are, Why would it be advisable for me to take any extreme choices…. Media may have expected I am an extreme individual. Once, There was a paper feature ‘Sarvadhikari’ and for that article my head was assaulted to the group of Mahesh Babu in police uniform from ‘Dookudu’.

That pic made me wonder when did I wore the uniform. The last time I wore a uniform was in the year 1972. When I met Mahesh Babu the following day at an occasion, I said to him that I would record a body of evidence against him on charges of fabrication and bamboozling.

I could gladly demonstrate that article to my grandkids . Narasimhan reviewed there was law and request circumstance in United AP when he arrived in Hyderabad after his arrangement as the Governor. He called attention to, ‘Mediapersons asked Me what might occur after Justice Sri Krishna Committee offers its report over Telangana Statehood request on December 31st.

After deduction for a moment, I said it will be Jan first after Dec 31st. The following day, There was feature that Governor is Anti-Telangana . As indicated by Narasimhan, ‘AP Police acted uncommon well during the intense stage when Telangana Agitation was going on to discount any odds for President’s Rule. Not shooting a solitary projectile during the disturbance was an accomplishment.

I had trained cops not to start shooting as individuals will turn hostile to police on the off chance that somebody passes on. God was kind..I was lucky..Police made an outstanding showing. All parties collaborated with us and harmony was reestablished in all respects fastly .