Fresh for long time by Coconut water
Fresh for long time by Coconut water

Fresh for long time by Coconut water

Coconut water can be kept fresh for quite a long time without additives, because of another system created by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. Untreated coconut water has a timeframe of realistic usability of just 24 hours.
The group of Sankha Karmakar and teacher Sirshendu De, Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur, utilized a film based detachment process through which all the bacterial substance can be evacuated. Time span of usability is improved to around 18 weeks with no utilization of additives.
For the most part, all the bacterial substance can be evacuated by a microfiltration layer or any ultrafiltration membrane. The layer was such chosen that it dispenses with the strong locales for microbial development (compound polyphenol oxidase and high sub molecular weight proteins show in the coconut water) to its best degree, so further bacterial development can be captured,” the scientists said in an announcement on Friday.
It can be put away in aseptic bundling for 18 weeks under ordinary refrigeration, they guarantee. The disinfected coconut water was tasted and scored by three teachers from chemical engeering department, 10 Ph D researchers and two children, in terms of aroma, taste, odour, texture, colour and acceptability. It was discovered that the treated coconut water kept up all its nutritional properties even following quite a while of capacity ponder.