Never Expected Vice President Post…Venkaiah Naidu Blasts on Rajini

Never Expected Vice President Post...Venkaiah Naidu Blasts on Rajini
Never Expected Vice President Post...Venkaiah Naidu Blasts on Rajini

Telugu Senior political leader and Vice President of india M Venkaiah Naidu concedes he never wished to move toward becoming Vice President however simply needed to be a piece of valuable work following the way appeared by Bharatiya Jana Sangh pioneer and Social Activist Nanaji Deshmukh.

He even educated PM Modi about his choice to stop the administration after 2019 to concentrate on productive work. At the book dispatch of his 2-year term as Vice President titled ‘Tuning in, Learning and Leading’, Venkaiah Naidu stated: ‘I was in tears on the day PM proposed My Name for Vice President since I can’t visit either the BJP Office or invest energy with party workers while holding such a post.

This Party has given Me everything with the exception of Prime Ministership for which I am not appropriate. I know my abilities and bore . Association Home Minister Amit Shah who went to the book dispatch told each Minister is frightened of Venkaiah Naidu as the Vice President is so exacting with regards to Treasury Benches.

That is a decent compliment from No.2 in the NDA Government. As of late, Rajinikanth opined Venkaiah Naidu is an incredible otherworldly pioneer and he turned into a government official unintentionally.