People are happy in …Essel companies are taking over it

People are happy in ...Essel companies are taking over it
People are happy in ...Essel companies are taking over it

One of the Major Scam in telugu states is Agri Gold scam, spread crosswise over many states, that includes a few thousand core rupees and hoodwinked 40 Lakh general people are suffering with this scam.

The organization owes Rs 9,000 crore to more than 32 lakh contributors in nine states, in telugu states the depositors list with 19 lakh people. Agri gold stayed away forever the deposits it gathered from public with the promise of high returns.

The scam as turn a big suffering for depositers and Around 150 persons as submitted suicide in light of the fact that Agri gold didn’t pay their cash. Presently the Essel Group (Zee TV) has approached to assuming control 175 odd organizations of the Agri Gold group.

Dr Subhash Chandra Foundation, a not-for- profit driven gathering organization of Esselgroup, that incorporates Zee TV, has educated the High Court at Hyderabad that it is interested with assume control AgriGold campanies as a going business.

The Delloitte firm has at last uncovered the name to the High Court on Monday in the extra affidavit. Senior guidance Raghuram showing up for Delloitte firm educated the division seat involving Justice V Ramasubramanian and Justice S V Bhatt that the Essel Group would require four months’ an ideal opportunity to finish due constancy of the AgriGold resources and liabilities.

The bench was hearing PIL request of recorded by Telangana Agri Gold Customers and Agents Welfare Association looking for a CBI test into the sensational scam and reimbursement of monies to the investors.

Raghuram educated the bench that the Esselgroup will assume control over all the 175 properties of the AgriGold group even by paying a huge number of crores. After due persistence, if necessary, the Foundation is prepared to pay Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,000 Cr.

The court guided the AgriGold organization to submit points of interest of deposits not as much as Rs 5,000, between Rs 5,000 and 10,000 and Rs 10,000 and 20000 from the nation over. The bench likewise taught the CID to give points of interest to cross check.

The court dismissed the case to fourteenth September . Upwards of 40 lakh general people had lost their cash by putting resources into Agri Gold campanies over nine states. Of this, 32 lakh individuals are investors, while eight lakh individuals are agents.

Around 150 lost their lives by conferring suicide after the organization opposed to pay their cash. Will the Essel Group pay the damage to suicide casualties who lost their lives themselves in Agri Gold scam….