We Don’t Need To believe In Exit Polls : Venkaiah Naidu

We Don't Need To believe In Exit Polls : Venkaiah Naidu
We Don't Need To believe In Exit Polls : Venkaiah Naidu

Telugu political leader Venkaiah Naidu Who was also known as Vice President of India has stated that ‘Exit Poll’ studies are not the ‘Accurate Poll’ results and one needs to sit tight for the D-day. Indian Vice President was compensated with Doctorate and talking on the event in Guntur club, he stated, In my 42 years of political life, I couldn’t take up in decisions out of the blue, and got passionate.

The Vice President proceeded to make basic remarks on the legislative issues. The manner in which Parliament and get together are working nowadays is pitiable and government officials are enjoying foul dialects against their opponents which is certifiably not a decent sign. In any case, the general population and media ought to be attentive and vote shrewdly for their future, said Venkaiah Naidu.

Likewise on the survey battle, Venkaiah made fascinating remarks. I had challenged in races with open cash yet I haven’t utilized single penny for my own costs. On the off chance that there was abundance cash, I would utilize it for the gathering exercises. Nowadays government officials are bringing crore of Rupees to battle which is equivalent to killing majority rule government, included the Vice President.

He conjured chuckling too by saying about this job as a lawmaker and Vice President. When I was a pioneer of ideological group, I resembled saint NTR and now as VP, I turned as character craftsman like SV Ranga Rao, said Venkaiah Naidu and cheered the general population at the setting.