Babu’s Meeting With YS Jagan… What Will Happend

Babu's Meeting With YS Jagan... What Will Happend
Babu's Meeting With YS Jagan... What Will Happend

Tollywood senior actor Mohan Babu never falters to express his perspectives on political issues however for the recent years, he is avoiding doing as such. On Friday, Mohan Babu met YS Jagan who was harmed in an assault that shook the whole Telugu states.

He appeased the resistance pioneer, relatives and furthermore enquired about Jagan’s health condition .

Post meeting, Mohan Babu addressed the media and included that Jagan is doing totally fine and soon he would continue his padayatra. One of the press people has asked Mohan Babu’s conclusion and remarks on the much talked Congress and Telugu Desam Party partnership.

To this the veteran performer answered that he might not want to remark anything on political issues as this isn’t the time and at a suitable circumstance he would do as such.

There have been numerous reports that Mohan Babu would take up YSR Congress party hail and would likewise challenge for the Parliament. Yet, on numerous occasions, none of the reports materialized.