Is Yellow Media Accepting YS Jagan’s Victory in 2019 Elections

Is Yellow Media Accepting YS Jagan's Victory in 2019 Elections
Is Yellow Media Accepting YS Jagan's Victory in 2019 Elections

Apart from the 2019 general election day , Telugu desam party favorable media continued detailing about the high probability of Chandrababu Naidu holding power. These media houses appears to have changed their remain in front of the exit polls day.

A Media House thought of a pennant story – ‘Rs 56,000 crore will be required to execute Poll Promises of YS Jaganmohan Reddy’. It passes on that Officials of the Finance Department has started taking a shot at the money related assets required for execution of YCP Manifesto.

Regardless of whether Pro-TDP Media has started tolerating that YS Jaganmohan Reddy have better odds of winning 2019 Elections. Or on the other hand Was it an endeavor to pass on that survey guarantees of YCP would put immense weight on the state exchequer .

Whatever Media may state, They willn’t most likely change the general population command which going to be out on May 23rd. At the point when 80 percent of the qualified voters utilized their right, Nobody could fall back on weak reasons for the annihilation. Only couple of more days for the election .