It’s Better To Beg on Road Rather Than Taking money : Pawan Kalyan

It's Better To Beg on Road Rather Than Taking money : Pawan Kalyan

The Sensatopnal Comments Made by the Pawan kalyan has creating many controversies . According to the sources Janasena President Pawan Kalyan stated that  if an individual begs in the city he/she can get more cash-flow than the selling a vote in favor of just Rs 2000. On Sunday Pawan met Jana Sena party activists at the party office in Mangalagiri. He broadly talked about the disappointment of Jana Sena party and its applicants in the surveys. 

During the collaborating, Pawan supposedly said that he addressed couple of voters and asked them how a lot of cash did they get from ideological groups. Many have answered that they got Rs 2000 for a solitary vote. In the event that the Rs 2000 is separated for all the times of the following five years, an individual will get Rs 1. Individuals who begs on the roads gain more than individuals who are selling their votes, is the thing that Pawan said to Jana Sena activists. 

Pawan additionally explained that he won’t leave political issues rather will see who will remain by him when he is in a bad way. “I will assume the liability of the gathering on my shoulders till my final gasp and regardless of whether everybody leaves the party, I will remain alone. Additionally for what reason can’t Jana Sena structure its administration , Comments made by the Jana Sena president . From now on Pawan will concentrate on political techniques and they will amaze the standard ideological groups as well.