Why Jakkanna Involving his Son in Andhra Pradesh’s Capital Designs

Why Jakkanna Involving his Son in Andhra Pradesh's Capital Designs
Why Jakkanna Involving his Son in Andhra Pradesh's Capital Designs
Director Rajamouli has gained the popularality over the nation with hisĀ  Bhahubali movie series , As the apart of the films This director is been playing a key part in ANdhra pradesh’s Capital Amaravati designs from few days.
But recently Rajamouli’s child Karthikeya’s affirmed ‘interference’ isn’t simply restricted to the film-production and promotions of his dad’s movies and his friends’ movies yet he is currently notwithstanding taking a portion of authority in meetings of Andhra Pradesh state government including CM Chandrababu too.
This is currently raising many eyeballs and set the tongues swaying in film, political circuits. While AP government has looked for Rajamouli’s assistance in the plans of the AP’s state capital Amaravati and its developments, Rajamouli’s child excessively went with him in the official meet with CM Chandrababu, CRDA (Capital Region Development Authority) authorities.
Rajamouli has given a short introduction to the CRDA authorities and CM Chandrababu Naidu over the plans brought about by the Foster and Partners firm. The outlines of Amaravati’s Administrative Town, Assembly Buildings were among the plans put together by the honor winning British modeler firm.
As of now, Opposition parties are making gigantic cry over Rajamouli’s inclusion in the plans, with his child Karthikeya excessively taking an interest in the official meeting, this may add more fuel to the progressing theories.
Most likely, Karthikeya may have helped Rajamouli in making the introduction or may help him in the continuous works identified with Amaravati outlines yet that doesn’t mean he would be a piece of an high level state government meeting with CRDA authorities and Chief Minister, call attention to a couple of talk mongers and netizens.
On other hand, TDP leaders are guarding their leader’s choice to take ‘significant’ contributions from Baahubali director Rajamouli and his group. How about we keep a watch out, what Rajamouli needs to state on Karthikeya’s contribution.