It is Not a political Party….It is Bhajana party : YCP MLA Roja

It is Not a political Party....It is Bhajana party : YCP MLA Roja
It is Not a political Party....It is Bhajana party : YCP MLA Roja

Most recently Actress trunned politician MLA RK Roja depicted Jana Sena Party is non other than Bhajana party . On the off chance that the party keep running by Chandrababu Naidu is Thalli-Telugu Desam Party, And as of jene sena party pavan kalyan is going by Pilla-Telugu Desam Party .

As we observe deeply anything normal between the announcements and activities of Jana Sena Chief, YSR Congress party MLA Roja asserts. MLA RK Roja blamed Pawan Kalyan for developing as a hero at whatever point Chandrababu Naidu faces debasement allegations.

Pavan Kalyan continues saying an unpracticed individual can’t end up plainly Chief Minister. What sort of experience does one need… Would it be a good idea for them to manipulate their Father-in-Law…. Should they move toward becoming Minister without winning as a MLA?,’ scrutinized the Legislator.

The Firebrand Leader charges that andhra pradesh CM has been making an issue to redirect the consideration each time when there are claims against him.

To occupy the consideration from Polavaram corruption , He raised the Reservation issue. Because the reaction for Praja Sankalpa Yatra is over-whelming, Pawan Kalyan has entered the scene.

Not long after in the wake of knowing YCP Leaders were going to Polavaram, Chandrababu and Pro-TDP Media sent Pawan to the task site in a rush. Where was Pavan Kalyan when 29 individuals passed on amid Godavari Pushkarams? For what reason didn’t he talk about the astrocities against ladies in Andhra Pradesh….

Pawan Kalyan isn’t here for addressing yet for packages . I’m shocked with the remarks of jena sena party . In the event that we could do anything without being in power, for what reason can’t cultivate lones and Dwakra lones be postponed…

It’s wrong to condemn amid when the shooting not there . In the event that able, He ought to be with the general population and battle for them, YSR Congress party MLA RK Roja Roja.