All Set for the Telangana New Secretariat Inauguration

All Set for the Telangana New Secretariat Inauguration

The giving over procedure of property identified with Andhra Pradesh government in Hyderabad are probably going to complete at the most punctual. The authorities of Telangana and AP have met today and talked about on different parts of giving over of advantages. On that note we hear that this procedure may be finished in seven days with joint Governor of Telugu states, Narasimhan giving his assent. 

Additionally the Telangana government is heard to be preparing up for the establishment stone laying function for the new secretariat. According to the Telangana government sources, on June 27th, CM KCR will establish the framework stone. We hear that he consulted the religious heads and became acquainted with that there are a whole lot of nothing days for the following three months after June month. 

So if the establishment stone is laid, the development works can start whenever. At first Telangana CM KCR intended to build an extravagant secrtariat at Bison Polo grounds which is spread crosswise over 60 sections of land. Anyway the association Defense service would not hand over the land. 

So KCR really thought about this choice and settled on the old Andhra Pradesh get together property for the new secretariat. The plan images of Telangana secretariat were shared on the web and it takes after like a royal residence.