Biggest Mistakes Done By PM Modi During Telangana BJP Campaign

Biggest Mistakes Done By PM Modi During Telangana BJP Campaign
Biggest Mistakes Done By PM Modi During Telangana BJP Campaign

Undoubtedly PM Modi is one of the greatest leader in BJP party, however he is the Prime Minister of the nation. However, Modi had not satisfied his stature when he had visited Telangana for BJP’s political battle. The below mentioned are the mistakes made by Prime Minister Modi During the Telangana Campaign .

Increasing the spectaculations on KCR political Foundation ,Prime Minister had sought a self-objective. Charging that KCR had done his understudy from Congress and TDP , Modi serenely overlooked where BJP’s AP boss Kanna Lakshminarayana and Purandeswari came from.Hasn’t Kanna originated from Sonia and YSR’s school? Furthermore, shouldn’t something be said about Daggubati Purandeswari who had filled in as Union Minister for 10 long a very long time in Sonia’s UPA. Not simply AP, BJP pioneers who are in best positions today in a few states were from Congress and other political adversaries.

Asserting KCR of family rule, Modi has goofed up. While his political party at the Center probably won’t have dynasty rule, however BJP in a few states is empowering tradition political issues.

Not multi month long back in the Karnataka by-surveys, BJP had handled Yeddyurappa’s child Raghavendra from Shimoga Lok Sabha voting demographic. Furthermore, in coming elections in Rajasthan, a few BJP tickets have been given to relatives and family of the pioneers from BJP and other political parties. In Madhya Pradesh as well, BJP handled family of senior pioneers of the parties.

By focusing on KCR for the most part, Modi has truly helped Congress and TDP combo. As the surveys in Telangana are viewed as submission on KCR’s 4.5 year rule, whoever talks against KCR would in the long run advantage his closest adversary Congress. Likewise, not to overlook that KCR could help BJP in the coming Lok Sabha races. Since KCR can’t bolster Congress at the Center, he has no other alternative left yet to help BJP. By reprimanding KCR severely, Modi has completed a goof of sorts.

Expressing that TRS and Congress are playing “agreeable match” in Telangana, Modi has completed a noteworthy political screw up. While the battle among TRS and Congress is extraordinary, Modi’s announcement is bringing out giggles even from normal people. In the event that the fight among KCR and Congress is neighborly, the fight among BJP and Congress at the Center could likewise be designated “benevolent”. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t …..

PM’s Speech at Mahabubnagar is likewise under flame from local people. Modi had addressed KCR that why Mahabubnagar is confronting dry spell circumstance regardless of two noteworthy waterways Krishna and Tungabhadra going through the region. Modi additionally addressed why Palamuru is confronting deficiency of water. Once more, it’s a goof-up from Modi.

As in 2014 survey battle, at that point Opposition pioneer in Lok Sabha, Sushma Swaraj, had guaranteed that Palamuru-Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Project would get National Irrigation Project status. At that point for what reason didn’t BJP accord any National status to any water system venture in Telangana.