KCR’s Camp Office Turns ‘Venue For Suicides

KCR's Camp Office Turns 'Venue For Suicides
KCR's Camp Office Turns 'Venue For Suicides

Suicide attemps being made by troubled farmers and poor from Telangana are expanding at Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s camp office Pragathi Bhavan in the current circumstances.
In a crisp, a three members family consumed poison for not enabling them into camp office to meet the Chief Minister on Thursday evening. Nagaraju alongside his daughter Navya and nephew Srinivas came to camp office to clear the long pending CM relief fund file.
When they attempted to go into premises, security as stoped them. Disappointed for not enabling them to meet KCR, the trio consumed pesticides and collapsed.
They were instantly moved to Gandhi hosppital and their condition is critical. It is not new people atempted suicide before the camp office.
In the current circumstances, four such cases were reported for. Large portions of them poor farmers who fell paying off debtors trap due crop damages.