Telangana IT Minister’s Satirical Comments On Social Media

Telangana IT Minister's Satirical Comments On Social Media
Telangana IT Minister's Satirical Comments On Social Media

KTR derided Ap Chief Minister Chandrababu featuring his tweets about Congress in the previous four years. Citing Naidu’s Tweet on Feb fifteenth, 2014 – ‘I anticipate a conclusion to Congress govern at both Center and State when we finish ‘Praja Garjanas’ in all locale.

End to Italian Mafia Raj’, KTR remarked: ‘So the ‘Italian Mafia Raj’ has new companions now. Figure, it’s identity . Citing Babu’s another Tweet in 2014 – ‘Rahul and Sonia’s newly discovered love on TG is very devilish. At the point when was the last time they visited and what have they improved the situation its advancement’, The Minister subtitled it as, ‘Another pearl of shrewdness from CBN garu.

On the off chance that Scamgress Leaders Rahul and Sonia didn’t do squat for Telangana advancement till 2014, what changed from that point forward . Citing Naidu’s other Tweet in 2014 – ‘Our point is to make country free of degenerate Congress’, KTR portrayed them as ‘Renowned Last Words’.

KTR cleared up TRS framed collusion in 2004 and 2009 simply after both Congress and TDP concurred in keeping in touch with our performance request, Telangana Statehood. He addressed, ‘What’s the reason for the double-dealing collusion of TDP and INC now in Telangana…… Other than sheer advantage and power mongering’.