This Is the Final Chapter in Kodandaram’s Political Life

This Is the Final Chapter in Kodandaram's Political Life
This Is the Final Chapter in Kodandaram's Political Life

T JAC Chairman Kodandaram turning into an ‘use and throw’ in the political fied….. Time was the point at which he was the director of the T JAC. He was the turn of the Telangana development. His charm, picture and authority has helped the Telanganites. Be that as it may, now he is a piece of the Maha Kutami.

Presently, genuine inquiries are being asked with respect to whether he hosts turn into a casualty of Congress Gathering’s shrewd legislative issues. A significant number of Kodandaram’s nearby acolytes and even adherents say that Kodanda has failed in joininghands with the Congress.

The Congress has now at long last after much show denied him a ticket. Janagam is presently given to previous PCC boss Ponnala Lakshmaiah and Kodandaram has been made Maha Kutami convener. This post really amounts to nothing paying little respect to the result of this General elections.

Additionally, it creates the impression that just Kodandaram had relinquished, while every single other political party got what they requested. Obviously Kodandaram couldn’t comprehend the Congress politics.Initially. a show was made saying Kodandaram would be the competitor from Janagam.

Yet, now things being what they are, Rahul Gandhi himself addressed him and persuaded him to clear a path for Ponnala, a BC. In the event that this is the circumstance now, one can envision what might be the destiny of Kodandaram after the General Elections .