Telangana’s Prestigious Kaleshwaram Project Gets a Major Problem

Telangana's Prestigious Kaleshwaram Project Gets a Major Problem
Telangana's Prestigious Kaleshwaram Project Gets a Major Problem

Telangana state’s prestigious Kaleshwaram project ,which was the biggest Achivement of TRS Governments . Telangana CM gladly inagruated this water system venture gives water to 45 lakh sections of land in the state. Sadly, A noteworthy spillage was accounted for inside months after the introduction. Authorities distinguished spillage of water from the wellbeing divider at the Lakshmipur Gayatri Pump House in Karimnagar District.

Splits on the divider close No.1 Motor Delivery System were upto 3-meters. Specialists got alarmed and took harm control measures right away. In Kaleshwaram Project Link-2 Package 8 Lakshmipur Gayatri Pumphouse, As numerous as Seven 139 Mega Watts Capacity Motors were set up for lifting water to 115 meters.

These Motors were famous as ‘Baahubali’ engines as a result of the powerful they produce. They are fit for siphoning 2 tmc of water for every day. CM KCR should initiate the Pumphouse after the preliminary run. A lot to everybody’s stun, Leakage happened when just 3 engines were in the working condition. Imagine a scenario where all the 7 engines are exchanged on ..

Kaleshwaram Project ENC Nalla Venkateswarlu: ‘Siphoning the water with higher weight than what’s ordinarily required during the Baahubali Motors Test Run brought about the splits. We have taken fundamental measures..there is nothing to stress . Results weren’t agreeable in spite of the fact that Officials utilized a Chemical Material to prevent the water stream from the breaks. This is certainly not a decent sign by any means.