Former and Present YSR CM’s Disappointed with Botsa Working

Former and Present YSR CM's Disappointed with Botsa Working
Former and Present YSR CM's Disappointed with Botsa Working

Senior political leader Botsa Satyanarayana’s remarks have not just welcomed extreme fire from Opposition and the farmers , real estate professionals in capital area, yet the senior heads of YCP from Krishna and Guntur region are likewise stunned and aggravated by Botsa’s abrupt and essential remarks without CM YS Jagan. Managalgiri MLA and CRDA Chairman Alla Ramakrishna Reddy and a few others were said to be discontent with Botsa’s remarks as the previous have vowed to the individuals during the surveys that Capital Amaravati is protected and it would be created under YS Jagan’s standard.

Be that as it may, Botsa gave inconsiderate stun to every one of them by refering to Sivaramakrishnan Committee report. He had additionally expressed that the issue will be talked about in the bureau meeting consequently keeping the alternative of moving the capital open. This tongue of slip nature of Botsa in Jagan’s nonattendance is making banter among its very own pioneers in the gathering.

With YCP pioneers itself isolated into two – one area needs Amaravati to be held as Capital and other segment needs it to be moved, the entire scene has turned into a major migraine to Jagan who is by and by in the US. Jagan is currently thinking that its hard to handle Botsa’s undesirable remarks. Jagan may rebound and toss fault on Naidu and TDP for floods and can protect his own legislature. Be that as it may, it should be perceived how Jagan would address Botsa issue.

The entire issue has likewise discolored YCP’s picture in Guntur, Krishna regions and furthermore among the intuition individuals in the state as these hypotheses just cut down the picture of the state and its capital city. However, this isn’t first time for Botsa to experience into such controveries. Prior as well, Botsa hosted made inconvenience to his very own get-together and the decision government in which he is a piece of.

When he was mechanical priest in late YSR’s bureau, Botsa’s activities and remarks have caused the state to lose urgent Volkswagen fabricating unit which had intended to set up close Vizag. A supposed trick relating to Volkswagen arrangement got broke that turned huge inconvenience to then CM YSR who thought that it was hard to deal with the entire scene. The issue had likewise discolored YSR’s administration at that point. In general, Botsa has turned into the Man of Trouble for both dad, child team. It’s the ideal opportunity for Botsa to take in exercises from before.