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Is hero Shivaji opened another conspiracy theory? Is this a sequel to another Garuda Purana? Is Telugu Desam Party behind this latest conspiracy theory unveiling? As he always been loyal to TDP, with the Megha Engineering company came forward to take up the Polavaram Project, he came out the new series of conspiracy theories to defame the YS Jaganmohan Reddy government and MEIL. With these new allegations, does he take a new avatar and want to blackmail MEIL to give a booster to Chandrababu Naidu’s allegations? In the backdrop of political developments, he is suspected of a political conspiracy behind his allegations on MEIL. The earlier conspiracy theories have proven baseless. The TV9 investment episode also has proven as a conspiracy by him and Ravi Prakash.
With political benefits from TDP, as part of the conspiracy, Shivaji released a curtain-raiser to Megha blackmail on Polavaram reverse tendering against the AP government. This kind of blackmailing tactics are not new for him and his close friend Ravi Prakash.

Conspiracies and cock and bull stories
Garuda Purana, a conspiracy theory by Shivaji opened on March 22, 2018, especially when Chandrababu prestige was blurred. This series ran for one and a half a year. Even then, Chandrababu defeated in the 2019 elections with an enormous margin. The crux of this theory is that BJP joined hands with YS Jagan to defeat the Chandrababu. He accused the BJP allocated Rs 5 crore. The Naidu backed yellow media also given a top priority, did not get any praise from the public and got serious repercussions in the elections. Shivaji was in a crisis with not getting any roles in the Telugu film industry. Then Chandrababu Naidu and his associates used Shivaji to reveal the conspiracy theories. On September 8, 2018, Shivaji first rolled out the Garuda Purana theory and all TDP leaders continued with conspiracy theory cacophony. They aimed it to benefit in 2019 elections but miserably got no mileage. The Operation Dravida for South India, the AP operation is named Garuda and has wide publicity, but the Babu got only rejection from the people. For a year and a half, in the same way as the prophecy, and proved not even single conspiracy by the end of the day, all of them turned to cock and bull stories only.

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An ugly BJP prediction!
At the same time, if Modi is in the lead role, the BJP will be limited to the Lok Sabha seats from 80 to 120 and this prophecy also failed miserably. He later announced that the central investing agency would give notice to Chandrababu with date and time in the September last year to which Chandrababu gave a continuation. Even after days and months have gone but still, Babu has received no notice from CBI and there are no signs of getting any notice. Moreover, TDP’s efforts to get closer to the BJP, Chandrababu sent his MPs to BJP. The BJP is also working against the YSRCP government and pro TDP. And this is getting enormous publicity in yellow media. In the past, the BJP did not get the importance in the media. Recently, when the chief Ministers of Telugu states met in Hyderabad to discuss inter-state relations, but the yellow media reported that these two CMs are conspiring against the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Information on the attack on Jagan is also a story
At the same time, he came out with a new story that the conspiracy to murder a leader (indirectly on Jagan) for political advantage. With this action will create unrest and law and order problems in the state. In fact, at the same time, there was an attack on the Jagan at Vizag. Even now he did not reveal how he would know the information about the attack. However, after the attack there was no law and order problem in the state, and the central government did not dissolve the state government. It aims this whole conspiracy theory at defaming the YCP and YS Jagan.

The e-mails that revealed the
Raviprakash-Shivaji conspiracy
To create problems to the new management of TV9, the former CEO Ravi Prakash knocked on the door of NCLT. The conspiracy of Ravi Prakash and Shivaji once again created no problems for the new management. The cyber crime police had a testimony that the agreement between these two was not an old deal but conspired to make a case in law tribunal and signed a fake share purchase agreement with the old date. In connection with this conspiracy. In connection with this conspiracy, the cyber crime police have seized several e-mails between Shakti, CFO Murthy, Ravi Prakash, Hari, who is a close friend of Ravi Prakash.

Raviprakash-Shivaji backdoor investments in TV9
The case was filed in the NCLT for their investments in TV9, and on May 24, 2019, the judge rejected the case of those who did not consider themselves as investors. In fact, an agreement was made by Shivaji on February 20, 2018, to purchase 40 from Ravi Prakash was prepared on April 13, 2019, to influence the judgement. This agreement copy is forwarded in a circular manner within their close circles. This agreement was found to be fake by cyber crime police.

The latest in Megha’s story…
Actor Shivaji’s opportunities in the Telugu film industry have completely disappeared. He campaigned for TDP in recent elections. This celebrity wants to be in the limelight always. The yellow media is there to help him. At the same time, Jagan’s government is extracting the corrupt practices of earlier government and cancelled the Polavaram Project contract and called for reverse tendering. MEIL bid for the project with Rs 720 crore less to the base price. The new government committed to complete the project on a fast track mode without any corruption. This act attracted criticism. Chandrababu has created the Polavaram quid pro quo. The government of India allocated Rs. 3545 crore for the next three years for electric mobility incentives. But, Babu, alleging Rs. 7500 crore quid pro quo in the AP itself. Even though the Andhra Pradesh government has any preferences in engaging the electric buses in the state, Chandrababu alleging that the APSRTC is purchasing the buses in a big way to benefit the contractor. As it running losses, the APSRTC stopped purchasing new buses and depending on leasing the buses.
MEIL has been accused of tendering a major work in Polavaram Project reverse tendering for a lower price, i.e. 12.6 per cent less. Mr Babu alleging that this loss will be compensated by purchasing buses from MEIL group company Olectra GreenTech on a quid pro quo basis. In this process, they fielded once again Shivaji to create a fresh conspiracy theory on MEIL. This time even yellow media is also not believing his cock and bull stories. With this Shivaji selected social media platforms and released the videos. His intentions are very clear to defame the AP government and blackmailing the MEIL. This looks like a Telugu Desam Party script. This will be another Garuda Purana. As he acting on behalf of Telugu Desam Party orders, now came forward with a fresh theory on Polavaram Project and dragging the MEIL into the controversy. By blackmailing the MEIL, he wants to give advantageous position to Chandrababu and his quid pro quo allegations. There is a suspicion that TDP has written the script and he is acting in a lead role.

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