For which reason US President Rejected that prestigious Award

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President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday US President “Time Magazine called to state that I was most likely going to be named ‘Man (Person) of the Year” .According to the President himself, he has one of the greatest memories of all time, the best toys, the most luxurious homes.

He claims no one has more respect for women than he does, no one is tougher on ISIS and no one will fight harder for disabled people, veterans etc. He’s also already decided he’s America’s favourite president.

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Donald Trump asserted he dismissed the Prestigious award of ‘Individual of the Year’ exhibited by Time Magazine. Time Magazine called to state that I was most likely going to be named ‘Man (Person) of the Year’, like a year ago, yet I would need to consent to a meeting and a noteworthy photograph shoot.

I said most likely is no great and took a pass. Much thanks at any rate, he said. A year ago, Donald Trump was named as Person of the Year by Time Magazine. The US president, who won the award in 2016 after his shock election win, said he was approached by the magazine again for this year.

But having been told he would only “probably” be selected, he declined the nomination. Nonetheless, The presumed Magazine issued an illumination that the current cases of US President are mistaken. ‘The President is wrong about how we pick Person of the Year.

TIME doesn’t remark on our decision until production which is on December sixth,’ keeps up the media house. Tennis Star Andy Murray derided Trump saying he was likely going to be named Sports Personality of the Year.

Netizens responded fiercely to Trump’s post. Some of them opined he should be Fake Man (Person) of the Year. The US president’s relationship with the magazine has had some difficulties in the past.

In June the magazine asked the Trump Organisation to remove a framed front cover featuring the billionaire from several of its golf clubs, after it was found to be fake. In fact Mr Trump did not appear on the front cover at any time that year.

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