MEIL completes ONGC’s Assam renewal project

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ONGC’s prestigious modernisation of onshore oil and natural gas exploration, storage and transport system, the Assam renewal project (ARP) has been completed with sophisticated technology by Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL). This modernisation project is expected to an increase in crude oil production from 1.4MTPA to 2.5MTPA. At the same time the supply, storage and processing capacities also to increase significantly. This renewed production will reduce the dependency on oil imports.

On this momentous occasion Associate Vice President, MEIL, Mr Rajesh Reddy said “This is ONGC’s biggest onshore crude oil production and transportation system. As this 30 years old system is not suitable for the current oil requirements, ONGC has taken up the modernisation with an estimated cost of Rs. 2400 crores. MEIL has won this project in EPC method and completed in the stipulated time frame. The Group Gathering Station (GGS) in Lakhva in Assam dedicated to the nation recently.”

The project brought in to the commercial operations after completion of trial run on 26th December 2019. The project significantly reduces the number and distance of previously complex structures and long distant pipelines. At the same time, it also reduces the cost of operations. As this is the country’s biggest onshore project and ONGC is considering as it a prestigious one. This renewal project expected to reduce the dependence drastically on oil imports. In this whole project, the Lakwa and Lakhmani fields are strategically important to the country.

ONGC has taken up this Assam Renewal Project (ARP) to modernise the ageing facility with the latest technology. MEIL executed oil and gas supply pipelines and gas lift lines including the well fluid link. It also build the water injection lines to make the system more efficient. As this project executed with ultra-modern technology, it will play a key role in reducing carbon emissions and preventing climate pollution.

The new technology will enable centralised remote connectivity to allow wireless access to machines and devices in remote areas of the system. The crude oil extracted from the well is transported to the mainstream by fuel well fluid. From there, the oil and natural gas passes reach their Group Gathering Station (GGS). The oil separates from there to the CTF (Central Tank Farm) and the latest EFP (Effluent Treatment Plant), while the natural gas reaches GCP. Earlier to modernisation, this method is not there.  The pipes and various machine tools were manufactured by MEIL at their Jeedimetla facility.  

The 560kms pipelines were laid to store and supply the crude oil. Earlier ONGC used to have 800kms of the pipeline. The usage of modern technology enables to reduce the length of the pipeline by 240kms. At the same time, the main structures reduced to 9 from 21. These 9 structures developed as integrated centres and reduced complexity. The 9 integrated centres at Lakhva and Lakhmini were built by the MEIL. These efforts could reduce the project cost burden for ONGC. There are 4 gas gathering stations out of 9 main structures. This new system will work for the next 30 years with no operational issues. As automated systems will help to function effectively without human-controlled, managerial problems.

“MEIL completed the project works in a phased manner as per the agreement in 2013-14. MEIL has built 4 group gathering stations. It also builds two water treatment plants according to the requirements. With these plants, two water injection plants were also established by MEIL. Two plants constructed to store the compressed natural gas. Five captive power plants with a capacity of 12.9MW (total capacity 64.5MW)” said Mr Rajesh Reddy.

In the entire system, all the bi-products from crude oil can be stored, process and transportation system has come into full use. Crude oil from the CTF goes to the refinery. The refined fuel from the ETF will reach the respective centres. ONGC and MEIL have built water injection plants at storage centres without any problems. MEIL carried out the pre-engineering survey, design, machines erection, construction and procurement of required equipment and transport in this prestigious project. MEIL fulfilled its responsibilities such as testing, free commissioning, replacing the old pipeline network with a key pipeline network and completely replacing the old system. For this purpose gas dehydration plant also constructed MEIL. Incinerator systems have also been built to eliminate waste.

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