Why Retender is historical necessity for Polavaram project..?

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Telugu Desam Party has been highly focussed on Goebbels propaganda against Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan and his associates from long time.

Even before he came into politics, many political cases have been filed on him using all the financial and administrative institutions by Nara Chandra Babu Naidu’s close associates in Centre and State. Finally, people saw the truth behind all those lies and the yellow media has been still trying to paint the same picture.

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Latest target for their venomous attack is Polavaram project. Jagan Government has exposed the unfair practices that TDP Government has undertaken before 2019, in constructing Polavaram.

The tenders have been given to close associates of party and important people in the party, according to Nominations process. This delayed the project further and made it a cost burden.

Well, the project never had any issues in terms of budget as Chandrababu promoted saying that Centre Government has been trying to delay things.
Now, through reverse tender process, AP Government has asked for new tenders. The objective is to find the best effective way to reduce the cost but keep the quality intact.

A total of Rs. 2346. 85 crores have been fraudulently transferred to contractors from Government in the name of Project Head Works and Hydraulic Electric Power Plant Substation works. High profile committee specially applied by the Jagan Government to study the project works has given report accordingly.

Another Judicial Committee is working on the legal procedures that the previous Government has followed in calling the tenders and one more High Quality Committee with Engineers is looking at the quality of the works completed, till date.

All of them, are given November as the final date of submission for their reports, as it is flood period for the River. During this time, no one can really continue any works regarding the Dam.

August to November, every year it is observed as flood period and subsequently works are withheld this year, too. The AP Government through reverse tender process, is looking to move forward fast and find the contractors who give more importance to quality and also complete the project in time in lesser costs.

Already, Government like never before has been highly transparent regarding all the details.

Still, Chandrababu and TDP are trying to say that the Jagan Government is regressing all the works and trying to delay the project.

When Government is able to show such transparency in everything they do, why would they even try to hide any details? Why would Jagan de-rail progress of Polavaram, when Telangana Government is aggressively building Kaleswaram Lift Irrigation and Sita Rama lift Irrigation projects despite discrepancies?

A people elected leader will always work for people and their upliftment. Jagan is a live example of such a leader and NCBN, his yellow media and party workers can’t really digest that!

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